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About Us JLM Communications

Who is JLM Communications?

JLM Communications was founded when a need was identified for small businesses that seem to get overlooked by larger public relations firms. 

After years of working for large national corporations we set out to build a new business model that focused our experience and strengths towards small and medium sized businesses. As a public relations firm we fully understand the needs of small business people and also understand they have significantly smaller budgets to work with. We have streamlined our processes and have created many solutions that still allow a small business to afford to hire a public relations firm of their own. 

One of our primary goals is to actually develop a personal relationship with our clients. We work hard to learn their individual needs so we can represent them better with the various campaigns we design for them. A small business is not just about a brand or brand recognition, its also about the owner. When we set out to work with a client we are dedicated to ensure that every message is a true depiction of the business and owner.  Regardless of the the industry or profession we work to present you to the world in the most accurate way possible. 


At JLM Communications we don’t just seek clients, we build relationships. We will take the time to listen and develop exactly what you expect. We focus on our customers and spend time investing in them to drive them to the level they want to achieve.


Our vision is simple – we want to bring businesses to the level they desire. Whether its a small business with one storefront or a medium sized company with operations throughout the country, we want to provide only the highest caliber service available. JLM Communications wants to bring professional level public relations to every small business owner that wants to further their visibility. 


At JLM Communications, we conduct business by embracing “old school” values. Standards, respect, honor, and integrity are not just words to us, they are our mantra. We do not accept any business that request our services to protect themselves from criminal or fraudulent charges. In order to provide our best we first ensure that our clients are above board with information, and will never represent a business designed to defraud the general public.