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Community Relations

Community Relations can be a huge benefit for any business

Community relations

With social movements today many businesses have realized the amazing benefits of becoming more community involved. It does not matter if your business is local, nationwide or global. Being involved with the local community is beneficial to all businesses. 

Many small businesses may donate to local sports teams, community events, and not for profit fundraising. This act has been proven to help the community that shops with you also understand that your business wants to give back. 

JLM Communications makes sure that the community you are working in knows what you are giving back. This creates a stronger relationship within your community and helps to grow your brand. We work hard to ensure your message is delivered without the feeling of “patting yourself on the back”. 


Choosing the right community oriented program is only the first step. It may be very rewarding to donate to a worthy cause or organization, but your business should also enjoy being recognized for your efforts. JLM Communications will be able to take your generosity and create press releases that will get you more exposure. It is always good to have the heart to help your community, but no one will know if the news is not released to the public.

JLM Communications will get your message out to potential customers and other businesses that you are making sure to give back to the community. Some businesses do not feel comfortable with the idea of public exposure when they get involved, but this can be a mistake. Large corporations always make sure to let the public understand what they do with the community and you should too. 

Many potential customers will choose a business that has strong community ties and interactions that are not exclusively sales related. Customers want to feel connected to a business or have an understanding of what they bring to their communities. By keeping the community informed through press releases and public information more potential customers may feel a connection that will bring them to your business.

Contact JLM Communications to discuss your community relations needs. We can help you with a one time event or to create a long term campaign that will get you the positive attention you deserve.