Our Business is Your Business

Business Marketing

The concept of proper marketing is key to success

Product and business marketing strategy

Your business is as unique as you are and your marketing strategy should be too. Today the market doesn’t all you to be “just good enough”, it’s about standing out and being bold with your brand and products. 

JLM Communications is dedicated to working with only small to medium sized business owners so we understand the struggle of competing with large corporations. While large corporations have larger advertising budgets and media campaigns this does not mean small businesses can’t compete. There are many ways to get your product or service in front of a potential customer without the need to spend tens of thousands of dollars each month. If you are reading this you found it for free with no paid advertising. 

We will work with you to create a marketing program that will get you noticed and place your product in front of more customers. We have excelled in identifying the most cost effective methods of advertising on a small budget and would like to implement this with your business.  

Content Creation

Original content for more engaging posts that bring the customers into your store.


Search Engine Optimization utilized to bring more attention to products so they can be found by web-crawlers

Social Media

Utilization of all the social media platforms to gather a higher customer base.


We work at getting you noticed by Main Stream Media to bring attention to your products and business.

Marketing Plan

Having a business and making the occasional social media post is not a marketing plan. A good marketing plan consists of identifying your target audience and then understanding how to get your message to them. There needs to be an actual plan in place in order to see if a campaign is working and getting to the target demographic. For example, if you are selling arthritis cream you would not want to hit a target audience of 18-25 year-old’s. Your product matters and the limited budged you have for marketing need to be laser focused on the customer base you are seeking. 

JLM Communications understands how to create a marketing plan that will work for your business. By getting to know your products and your intentions to deliver it to the world, we can develop a plan that is focused on potential buyers.