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Professional Website Design

Small businesses need a website to remain in the public view. Whether it be an ECommerce site or an informational site, without a web presence you are missing customer acquisition possibilities. A professional website is more complicated than many business owners expect and can take a lot of time to build. There are also many steps to professionally designing and launching a website that will be found by potential clients. Let JLM Communications take away the complicated part and give you a website that works!

Website Design and Launch Steps

Website Design

This stage is where a concept is changed into computer code so the internet knows how to read it and what type of website it is.

JLM Communications designs each site to fit our customer's individual needs and desired layout. We understand that the image, or branding, is necessary to develop a long standing website that customers will want to return to.

We will discuss the needs of the customer and develop a website that will ultimately be approved by the client prior to allowing it to go public. We continue to work with our clients to ensure the site has all the information needed as outlined by the customer.

Content Creation

When the website outline has been approved JLM Communications will begin placing the content throughout the site. The majority of the "hard" content is supplied by the client, but we also work to add specific keywords and other searchable terms to help the site get found by end users.

Content Creation is a complicated procedure where many key factors come into play. Image placement and size can slow a website down so we optimize each image to load faster. How the text is displayed is also a large factor, the size of the font, spacing, and utilization of header numbers all matter to webcrawlers that ultimately determine your page visibility.

SEO & Launch

JLM Communications understands how to set up a website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Having a website does not guarantee that you will get traffic from people searching through webcrawlers like Google and Bing.

SEO is not just keywording and content, it is also about placement, page speed, being mobile friendly, meta content, and having proper sitemaps. We understand all the different pieces that need to go together to form a proper Search Engine Optimization to be found by potential customers. When we build a site from scratch we make sure that all of the elements are contained within the site. We can also work with any pre-existing sites to update and make sure they meet all requirements to be a high performing site.

Custom Created for Your Business

Each of our site designs are custom made and designed specifically for your business. From the beginning concept to the final approval we keep our clients involved with every step. The initial design layout is submitted to our customer for any modifications and once approved we take the layout and begin to build. We focus on your specific business needs/wants and place the correct content into the site so it is easily found by potential consumers. In order to maintain your brand within the website design we use only your information and graphics and incorporate them throughout the site. 

Whether it be a 75 page site or a smaller five page site, we put the same amount of effort in quality for each of our customers. It is our primary goal to ensure each business is represented in a manner that makes them proud and happy with the final product.