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Search Engine Optimization

It’s more than just keywords

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be very confusing to novice website builders. Metatags, metadata, sitemaps, keywords, search console, and analytics can become overwhelming and seemingly unobtainable. JLM Communications can help to optimize your site to gain more traffic and potential sales. 

SEO is simply about directing the right traffic to your site and making sure your content is easily read by all of the web-crawlers. The most important part of a successful SEO campaign is to fully understand your target demographic. For example, if you sell shovels you would not want someone looking for shoes to land on your page as they would not be interested in what you sell. 

When we design a site from scratch we also optimize your site to be easily read by web-crawlers such as Googlebot, Bingbot and Duckduckbot but we can also help you with your preexisting site. We can look things over and give you a full assessment and offer a solution to get your site more attention. 

Original Content

Having original content is one important key element to SEO. We will take your information and rewrite it to be search engine friendly. We will add the correct keywords and ensure the verbiage is original to avoid any possible copywrite issues.

If you are running a website on the WordPress platform there should also be original stories/articles. Each article written will also increase your overall keywords and also raise your ranking with the search engines.

Pay Per Click

Choosing to utilize pay per clicks with major search engines like Google and Bing can add more exposure to your site. One of the elements that the web-crawlers monitor is also traffic to a site. If your site has low traffic then it may be listed lower in ranking.

If you choose to utilize pay per clicks JLM Communications can help to set up a strong campaign. If a campaign is not properly structured it can cost a business a lot of money, but end in low positive results.

Product Marketing

Having a great product is only a part of a good website. If the customer can't find the product through a search then you have a 0% chance of making a sale. We can help you get your products in front of more potential customers to increase your chances of making that sale.

JLM Communications will also help to promote your products through target marketing. We understand how to properly build an online marketing plan that works.

When JLM Communications takes a project we are all in. We have multiple discussions with you to fully understand your business and your individual goals. We then start to implement the chosen strategy to get your site the traffic you deserve. This does take some time but we understand this delay and have the patience to wait for the changes to take hold and register with the various search engines. 

At JLM Communications we don’t have clients, we have partners and we work hard to make sure our partner gets the results they want.