JLM Communications Mission Statement

Bringing small businesses and consumers together 


JLM Communications mission is to remain dedicated to helping small business owners across the United States. We have designed a unique method of helping business owners achieve their goals without the need to charge exorbitant fees. We understand that small business is the driving force behind the United States economy. It is that entrepreneurial sprit that starts new businesses and it is the conviction that drives them to succeed. 

We will identify the concern and create a program that is cost effective and directly relates to the primary concern of the customer. 

Our services will not be watered down versions of public relations techniques and methods. They will instead, simply, be managed by fewer people, with higher quality training,  to ensure the fees remain the lowest possible. 

Each client will be treated as if they were a Fortune 500 company.  

Microsoft was started in a garage with a couple of driven people. JLM Communications can not predict the next small business that will become a huge success so we treat all with the same respect and reverence.  

It is our sole mission to enable each of our clients to achieve the goals they have set forth for themselves as individuals, and for their business. Each business owner believes they have the best way of doing things and JLM will work to customize a program that fits that way of thinking. 

Clients should expect to have access to their PR firm when they need it. We will make ourselves available to them for any situation that may arise. Sometime problems happen in the middle of the night and communications need to start immediately, we will be there for our clients.