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Corporate PR for Small Businesses

Public Relations firms have been around for many decades. They have become an integral part of any corporate entity that wants to develop their identity and further their brand name recognition.

JLM Communications has identified an area of business that has gone mostly unassisted, the small business owner. Small businesses make up the majority of all commercial businesses in the United States, yet they are some of the most overlooked people due, in part, to their overall small size.

We have taken our years of public relations and created a program that any small business can take advantage of. JLM Communications will sit down with any, interested business, for a free consultation. During this time we will learn about your available budget and will create a custom program for your business. We will ensure that there is room to grow in the future without causing any finical growing pains.

Some of the services we offer small businesses are brand development, brand relaunching, social media outreach, emergency operations planning, website development, reputation management, and event management. We understand that every business can select a full compliment of services so we will help you determine which one(s) are the biggest priority.

Every business should have a public relations firm in their available arsenal. JLM Communications is here to help everyone have that access.

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