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What does a public relations business do?

Public Relations companies are often misunderstood by new and small businesses. Many believe that the only time a PR company is needed is when something bad has happened and there needs to be a media contact point. This is partially true in that PR firms do interact with the media, but that is actually only a small part of it.

Building Your Brand

Everyone that has ever started a business has the dream of becoming the Target, Microsoft, or other Fortune 500 company, as they should. The first step towards growing to that size is to create your brand and then market it. Branding is when products or services are related to a company logo or name. When we think of the retail store with the red bullseye we immediately think of Target Corporation. At JLM Communications we work very closely with businesses to create a brand image that our client wants the public to learn. We do this through many different media types depending on the budget of our client. If a business is new and does not have a lot of marketing capital we optimize our targeted audience to ensure that message gets to as many people as possible.

Your brand is not who you are as a person but as a business. The business brand is one of the more important things to remember when starting out or when you have achieved a set milestone. There is never a time that branding should not be considered or focused on.

Web Design

Any business whether it be a brick and mortar or a drop shipping business should have a web presence.

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